Catered Cuisine

Experience traditional family recipes with a twist! We offer fresh, flavorful, and unique dishes perfect for both daily life and special occasions. Our goal has been to create delicious food from the best quality ingredients that will entice all taste buds like love does the heart--and keep you coming back for more!


Our Cuisine

Choose a category or mix and match your favorite dishes for your next special event!

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Start your day with a gourmet meal.

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Cakes & Desserts

Pound cake that delights.

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Comfort Foods

Our favorites from home.

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Fresh Breads

Straight from the oven to your dining table.

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Pizzas & Flatbreads

Fresh & flavorful meals from the heart.

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Light & Healthy

Healthy still means delicious at Gail's Creations!

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Mexican Comfort

Family favorites from the Southwest.

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Soups & Stews

Warm up with a fresh & flavorful bowl.

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Special Occasions

Full spreads for your guests to enjoy.

Meet the Chef


Thank you for visiting my website, and for you I have summarized my journey to date. My love of food was instilled in me by my mother, Rhudine, at an early age while growing up in Alamogordo, New Mexico. She was an excellent cook who made our (3 siblings and me) nourishment from scratch. I was always fascinated with her “start to finish process” of adding the carefully chosen seasonings, periodic taste tasting, and oh boy…creating the final product that so deliciously massaged our taste buds every time. Mama made very traditional southern food--from greens to the drunken fruitcake—that she learned from her mother and heritage, and it still graces our tables to this day.

My father served in the U.S. Army, and toward the conclusion of his service, he moved the family to NM, where the Mexican cuisine is embraced as the favorite food of the Southwest. So Mama mastered this style of cooking, and of course I did as well. Today it remains one of my favorite styles of food to prepare and consume. Being in the kitchen with Mama and watching her work her magic created an explosion of my own culinary senses. There my love of food and cooking was born! Through the years I have constantly built on Mama’s traditions by adding my own cooking experiences, memories, education about the wonders of food and farm-fresh ingredients and how, like music, food speaks to everyone. I love traditional recipes, but I also add my “twist,” taking my cuisine to the next level and making it available to you through Gail’s Creations.

Contact Us

Contact Chef Gail directly for a quote at (917) 770-7183 or fill out the inquiry form below. Please note that all orders must be placed at least 48 hours prior to your event.